• Ellen Bart Wiedner

Tales from the circus

Here’s the thing: although those zebras did a Liberty Act that was simply astonishing, when it came to veterinary related issues, they were typical obnoxious zebras and needed chemical restraint. At winter quarters each year, when we did our annual healthcare for all the animals, we’d have to immobilize them for teeth, feet, blood work, and the rest, just like any zebra. Here’s Steve Wiberg, our farrier, trimming a zebra's feet. Steve did all the feet of the circus hoof stock, other than elephants, for all the units. Besides having a truly sunny personality, Steve understood that you cannot take much off a zebra’s foot without making him lame, that you can’t put shoes on a horse used for high-speed trick-riding because if that shoe comes off, it will come off at high speed which could maim or kill a performer, stuff like that. He was invaluable.

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