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Testimonials From Our Clients

Steve has been our farrier for close to 20 years. He always takes the time to explain things if you have questions and listens to you. But most importantly he listens and sees the individual horse and their needs. The horses are so confident and relaxed around Steve and definitely know his truck and voice when he arrives. The horses trust him and his visits are always enjoyable.


Lastly, Steve and the team are fascinating to watch. Not only their skilled farrier work but also it is an impressive "time and motion study" to observe but never ever feels rushed.  I feel incredibly lucky to have had Steve as our farrier for all these years. 

Alison Scott


Thank you Steve Wiberg Horse Shoeing.

My name is Carol and I just had the most incredible experience today. I have a very difficult horse to shoe with shivers. I called a few farriers and Steve Wiberg. Steve got back to me  that same day. He came out the following day .For the last few years I have had to drug my horse to be shod . Steve came out and worked with my horse without drugs and for the first time in 10 years Steve got my horse to give his really bad shivers leg to relax on the ground so he could trim it, I was amazed.! The last time anyone trimmed his back feet was under a vets heavy medication. He is not an easy horse to shoe. I can not say enough about Steve right now because he has done what no other farrier has  been able to do. I am a very happy horse owner right now!! I also realized I didn’t give him a tip, so next time I’ll catch up!

Carol Atkin


Justin and Linda's Story

I have known Steve Wiberg for over 14 years, and writing this testimonial to recognize his expertise and dedication to his trade.  There are 3 medically related words which no horseman should experience and they are Founder, Laminitis, and White Line disease and unfortunately my horse, Justin, and I experienced all.   In 2002, Justin foundered and after 6 months battling the disease it was winning and he could barely walk.  I had tried everything and the inevitable last resort was to put him down.  A few days before that was to happen a friend strongly recommended that I consult with Ashton Cloninger DVM as he had used him with remarkable results. This was my last hope.   Ash brought his farrier team which included Steve Wiberg and Scott Bakewell.   They changed applications and medications to support and balance the ever-changing hoof condition.  Ash said that within a week I should see a different horse and I did.  There were great challenges bringing him back to soundness and these were not done overnight.  The healing process was frustrating with ups and downs and constant adjustments.   After the hoof was stabilized, we continued to fight laminitis and white line.  Justin became sound and I was riding again. Steve and Ash continued to keep us sound for another 14 years and constantly changed the applications as Justin’s hooves dictated.  X-rays were key.  Steve is a believer in what he does and is dedicated to finding a solution to make your horse comfortable while healing.   He is open minded and listens to the owner.   His goal is to provide assistance to help the animal – no matter what time of the day.   I trust Steve’s work ethics and with his expertise and his relationship with Ash I was able to have many years of riding time and good memories that I cherish.

Linda Austin

Blanchette Equestrian

Steve has been our farrier since we started our business in Northern California 6 years ago.  In that time he has looked after all of our top horses and ponies, from our hunters that are qualifying for the indoor shows, to our Grand Prix horses.  He is always eager to work with our vet, and is willing to work with complicated issues, and makes them better.  What really makes him special though, is how much he truly cares about all of the horses and students.  He calls when we are at the shows to find out how everyone is doing, and is really excited to hear about the progress and success that everyone is having.  Steve is an invaluable member of our team, and we are grateful to him for his commitment and expertise!  

Tammy Blanchette

Williams Ranch

Williams Ranch in Woodside CA
The barn at Williams Ranch in Woodside CA

Steve has been coming to Williams Ranch to manage our horses’ hoof care needs for close to 20 years.  For the past eight years we have been running a retirement facility.   The elderly horses don’t need any specialized shoeing once they retire here but what I can say is that Steve is always respectful and kind to our horses and is infinitely patient with each and every one of them.  When a new client comes on board, I always recommend Steve for his or her horse’s hoof care.


Steve is always on time and reliable but if for some reason he is running a bit late or needs to make a change in the appointment, he always calls in due time to let me know.  This trait is very important to us, showing that he respects our time and work schedules.  I particularly enjoy the positive energy Steve brings to our early Tuesday morning appointments!  


Steve’s crew is also respectful and competent.  Under Steve’s tutelage they provide the same quality service that we expect at each and every visit.


We appreciate Steve’s philosophy of “less is more” when it comes to horses’ feet.  He’s not one to recommend complicated shoeing just because he can.  Some retired horses come in here with special pads or specialized shoes that other farriers have recommended but Steve will assess the horse’s new lifestyle and make a decision based on current conditions and needs.  


I’m sure he’s seen just about every scenario in his many years of farrier work so that is one of the reasons we put our trust in his hands.


Pam McReynolds

Williams Ranch Boarding

BOK Ranch

BOK Ranch in Redwood City Ca

When I started working for the BOK Ranch Therapeutic Riding Program 14 years ago, I inherited the horses, students, volunteers, and service providers who were already affiliated with the organization. One of the farriers was Steve Wiberg. Steve donated his time to care for one of our therapeutic riding horses named Sugar. Sugar had some soundness issues and Steve stepped in to assist the farrier taking care of the other horses. Over the years, Steve took on more and more horses in the BOK barn, and has contributed over 1,100 sets of shoes at no cost to the program. Steve is now solely responsible for keeping BOK’s four-legged therapists sound and going strong. With Steve’s expert skills, knowledge and patience, the horses are ready to take great care of our very special equestrians. 

-Tish Dipman

Executive Director

BOK Ranch

Kari Browne on one of her dressage horses

Steve Wiberg has been shoeing my Dressage horses for over 12 years, including my FEI level gelding.  Steve is passionate about shoeing and will go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right.  Since I started using Steve, I’ve never had any issues with my horses feet or soundness problems related to shoeing.  I always know Steve will get the job done right, and honestly cares how each horse is doing.  Steve is a total professional and someone I’m happy to know and work with.

Kari Browne

Steve has been taking excellent care of Mr. E's feet for the past 5 years. Mr. E has a severe club foot on his left front that has caused a permanent mechanical lameness. To say that he is a challenge to shoe is an understatement!  Steve has kept him balanced and moving well.  Watching Mr. E thunder up the hill in his pasture after getting a fresh set of shoes is certainly a testament to that. Steve also gives excellent service to his horsey clients. In the rare event that Mr. E throws a shoe in the pasture Steve is there, often on the same day, to replace it. Steve has even come out on his day off to take care of Mr. E!  Another big plus for me is that I never have to call or message Steve twice.  No matter when I call Steve, be it Saturday night or even a holiday, he gets right back to me.  Steve truly provides exceptional service to his clients, horsey and human!

Melissa Fardy

Melissa Fardy and Mr E.

As his first client, Steve has been shoeing my A-show hunter champions for nearly two decades. From youngsters to retirees, Steve has been a loyal and highly capable farrier who has provided expertise not only for routine shoeing but for a variety of challenging situations. These have included chronic laminitis and a potentially career-ending P3 fracture. Steve saved the day more than once. He is always learning and working to improve and innovate. And he can find a way with a difficult horse or client! 

Through it all, Steve has truly been there for my horses and me.  

Alexis Flippen vonZimmer

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