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America's Favorite Farrier

Steve Wiberg with mom Norma Wiberg on Ego

Steve's mom (Norma Wiberg) 1958 on Ego

Steve at Bay Meadows in Berkeley Ca
Steve at 1 month old on Skeeter with his Dad Roy

Steve at 1 month old on Skeeter with Dad (Roy Wiberg)

Steve at Bay Meadows on the turf

Steve trimming a Watusi at Ringling Bros. circus

Steve trimming a Watusi

Steve Wiberg with Alex Lacey and Mowgli the leopard at Ringling Bros circus

Steve with Alex Lacey and Mowgli the leopard

Steve Wiberg with Sylvia Zerbini at Ringling Bros Circus

Steve with the great Sylvia Zerbini in Waco, TX

Steve Wiberg at Ringling Brothers with a white tiger

Young white tiger at Ringling Brothers

Steve Wiberg with his sons

All in the family

Steve Wiberg on Lazur a triple Grand Prix winner 2016 of Blanchette Equestrian doing a handstand on horseback

America's Favorite Farrier

Steve doing a promo photo for Robert Blanchette at Blanchette Equestrian on Lazur, A triple grand prix winner 2016

Steve Wiberg with one of his clients

Photo courtesy of Grace Lee

Steve Wiberg, Farrier for the Stanford Equestrian team

2017 Stanford Equestrian Team

Photo courtesy of Damian Marhefka

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