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White Line Disease a problem for your horse? We can help.

Updated: Aug 7

White line disease is a fungus or bacteria (experts are divided on which causes WLD) that invades the hoof and separates the hoof wall. The disease can spread around the hoof and in severe cases can affect the coffin bone. The cause of WLD is not yet fully understood. If left untreated it can become detrimental to your horse.

We have successfully treated many horses with WLD by working closely with vets, owners and trainers. If a case is substantial an order for xrays may be warranted though in other cases xrays are not necessary but do help to ascertain the extent of the disease.

Our process

Ascertain the extent of damage by debriding the foot of diseased tissue by knife and dremel.

Once debrided we can see the extent of damage, the affected area is cleaned and a new shoe is applied that will best benefit the horse. We sometimes apply dental impression material, pads or Z-bars depending on the horses foot and damage. Medicine is applied and generally leave the affected area open to the air as white line disease is anaerobic in nature, oxygen can kill it.

168 pathogens are involved with WLD therefore making it difficult with any ONE treatment

Here at SWH we work with your vet or current farrier to come up with a plan of action for treatment. Treatment can take up to 9 months to heal the foot.

The following pictures are examples of before and after white line disease treatments in cases where we have worked with vets, owners and trainers.

Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing


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