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 63 years experience in the horse world, including training, racing, riding, equine care and farrier. On time care, emergency care, professional, loving. We take care of your horse as if it is our own. Serving all bay area counties.

Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing

  • Thoroughbred

  • Warmbloods

  • Quarterhorses

  • Icelandic's

  • Any and all breeds

  • Hunter/Jumpers

  • Show Jumping

  • Dressage

  • Icelandic horses

  • 3-day event horses

  • Any and all performance breeds

  • Lamanitis and Founder

  • Low heel High heel syndrome

  • Club feet

  • White line disease

  • Veterinarian prescriptions

  • Any and all Deformities or Pathologies addressed to the highest standards

  • Quarter cracks

  • Specializing in quarter cracks

  • Z-bars

  • Egg-bars

  • Natural Balance

  • Flat bars

  • Glue-on shoes

  • Foal extensions

  • Any and all technologies practiced

Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing

Our Services

Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing
Tel:  925-389-1173


About Steve Wiberg

With a mother who was a trainer at Arlington Park in Chicago who rode while five months pregnant with Steve and a father who passed on his passion for horses to Steve, he has always had horses in his blood as both a career and passion. He's been in the industry for 50 years. "It's all I have done all of my life." His horse career started at age 7 when he taught beginners to ride. At age 9, he started to walk "hots", horses who had just raced, to cool them down. Steve became a jockey at age 16. When Steve outgrew that he became an exercise rider. In 1981 Steve moved to Northern California to become an assistant trainer to Dent Caton at the race tracks in Northern California. Spending 16 hours a day at the barn for the next 8 years. He then became a successful horse trainer on his own and for the next 8 years he trained race horses. During this time he was drawn to the foot of the horse learning to fix quarter cracks on his own horses. Steve became immersed in every aspect of the equine athlete. He studied and learned about the horse, its anatomy and to work with veterinarians, he found himself once again fascinated with the hoof of the horse.  This led to his career as a successful farrier working side by side with veterinarians, trainers, and clients tailoring to each individual animal's needs. Steve has mentored many farriers in the industry and stresses the importance of communication and customer service.

Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing

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Steve Wiberg Horseshoeing, farrier, equine care, horse hoof care, bay area

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